Hal HeffelfingerIn order to submit a nomination, you must:

  1. Become a member
  2. Submit a bio of no more than 100 words, detailing the person’s accomplishments.
  3. Nominations are due before September 1st.

How does a nominee get elected?

  1. The 10 living and 2 deceased nominees receiving the most votes from members are elected.
  2. Obviously, the more members who support the nominee, the greater the chance the person will be elected.
  3. Encourage everyone you know to join and vote.
  4. Voting is during the month of November.
  5. Ballots are counted in December.
  6. Honorees are notified in January.
  7. The Induction Banquet is held the 2nd week in April.

Ice HockeyMembers can submit nominations by downloading and mailing in the Nomination Form.